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Market Feature: Common Ground Farm

We are so excited to introduce you to one of our farmers: Christiana Mayfield. She started Common Ground in the fall of 2019 after graduating from Greenville Tech’s Sustainable Ag program. They are located right off Geer Hwy between TR and Marietta.

Their goal is to connect with and provide for the community around us, while also caring for the earth as best we can. They are a unique micro-farm, growing on a 1/4 acre in our backyard. Common Ground strives to be as organic and regenerative as possible, even making all of their own compost! They will be offering vegetables and greens throughout the season, as well as garden transplants and cut flower bouquets. 

Christiana and her husband and just welcomed our first baby last fall, and their family is excited to be a part of the market community! Please visit their Facebook page for more information – and meet them at our Market on Friday, June 4th from 4pm-8pm!

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